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Incall vs Outcall

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

I believe there is a big difference between the two!

Outcall is when a companion comes to visit you at your place; whether it’s an upscale hotel/resort or your private residence. With outcall the client is responsible for the setting. Incall is when a client comes to visit the companion at her location. I sometimes refer to my Incall as “My Place” or “My Office”, just personal wording.

Some questions and concerns a man might go through when he books an Incall. Are you going to walk through the door to a red carpet rolled out for you or will you run into her kid’s stroller blocking the door way? Is she going to look like she does in the pictures? Ask yourself are you arriving to a private apartment or a motel off the highway? Are you in a safe neighborhood? Is the setting inviting and relaxing? Will there be candles burning in the air, clean sheets on the bed, refreshments, amenities and toiletries, with a shower available to you alongside fresh linen?

When it comes to Incall it is very important you follow her instructions to a Tee. Quick tip gentlemen…. if the companion has a website with an etiquette page, please read thoroughly and then double read!

I refer to my personal system as “The two-call system” however I’ve had clients say it reminds them of their 90’s raver days. As an escort usually will not provide her precise address until you’ve confirmed you are on the way, close to the location or are at the location she has requested you to arrive first (usually with a mile or so of her exact location)

As for outcall there are two ways to look at it, you can have a quick meet and greet at your location. Or you can have more of a traditional date taking her out to lunch/dinner, shopping or a special event. I always enjoy going out on the town with a client, getting dressed up being shown off (what women doesn’t) as if I was a trophy attached to your arm for hours; For all to gaze at! I love to feel like a queen dining at a 5-star restaurant, to enjoying a walk through a museum, engaging in a sporting event or even if we’re just going to your favorite pizza joint in your local neighborhood!

I love the thrill I get when I park my car or open that uber door to your Resort, Hotel or Personal Home…. walking up; to knock lightly at your door is like jumping on a roller coaster. I can feel my heart in my throat, with butterflies in my belly. Smiling knowing I’m about to be engaging in fantasies you’ve been dreaming about for some time. I relish prepping a special outfit/lingerie request; small details matter to me when I’m fulfilling your wildest dreams.

Quick tip gentlemen…. Make sure in either situation the donation is either in an envelope, gift bag and/or just visible when you arrive or vice versa. Some ladies like to have a moment in private to make sure the correct donation for the length of time you requested is provided. It can damper the mood if she must ask for her consideration. Most importantly always respect each other's boundaries!!

I love generous men, Tipping is never required but ALWAYS appreciated.... a small gift, or token of appreciation goes a long way with me... (I was a watiress for years so i know a thing or two about customer service and appreciation) so for me an extra $100 dollar tip feels like $1,000 bucks!!


Those are my thoughts and opinions on Incall vs Outcall. Agree or Disagree? Which do you prefer? Did I miss any big differences?

Feel free to leave comments and/or voice your concerns!

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