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How to Value Yourself Like An Escort!

Value is one of the most important words to truly understand. Also, one of the most confusing. If you don’t value yourself as a woman but especially as an escort, you’re in for a rude awakening.

What is Value?

It is one of those things that is different for everyone but is one of the world’s strongest motivators. Every single day people sacrifice money, time, or resources for something they need or desire. Here are some simple examples:

I myself am not a smoker, however someone reading this post is, therefore they value cigarettes. They will use their money and time to make sure they get it. Thousands a year they sacrifice for something they value.

Someone who values stability may work a higher paying job while sacrificing some freedoms. While others who value freedom over stability, are more likely to become an entrepreneur where failure is more likely.

A house built on sand is subject to collapse. Make your house is built from the ground up with a strong foundation, value is that foundation. Self-esteem and confidence are essential in this business and you can’t get there without valuing yourself first.

Learn From My Mistakes

Truth is nobody starts out as a good provider. You must learn from experiences or hopefully you have a mentor that can help you along the way. How can you perform a behavior you were never informed about?

When I first started, I was doing things I shouldn’t have. I was not screening properly, I wasn’t aware of all my boundaries, I made mistakes and lots of them. I’ve been there, offering services to just any client for the “right amount of money” because it seemed like everyone else was doing it and you would lose money if you weren’t. This was wrong on so many levels, and I learned very quickly of all the things I did not want to become. So, I made up my mind and figured out what I really wanted from this industry. I made sure I knew as much as I could about myself and what was best for me in the long run. Not only for me but for my clients and my career as well. From that moment forward I sleep better at night.

By no means am I perfect or that I feel I know everything there is to know. I only have my experiences which help me build my knowledge and if I can help you along the way to avoid some of my mistakes or start off in a better direction than I did, then I am satisfied what that! With that being said, please do not take this too personal, as I’m going to get straight to it!

LADIES: We must always look at our surroundings, take notes and not conform to that negative behavior. Get to know yourself and remember your safety, sanity and health comes first before anything!

If You Don’t Value Yourself, No One Will

The real reason you let people devalue you is because you don’t value yourself. In this section I will go through some things to make sure you are valuing yourself and help you understand some of the things you might be doing that devalue you as a woman.

If you wake up hating this profession, then it might not be for you or you might just need to change what is bothering you. Are you seeing a client you don’t like? Are you going past your boundaries? Charging too low of prices? Working hours, you don’t want to?

Author Nathaniel Branden says self-esteem occurs naturally when we live according to reason and our own principles.

You are in control, you are the CEO of yourself. You make the final decisions. I know it’s easier said than done but your mental health is more important than any dollar amount! Which brings me to my next topic.

Low-ballling Yourself

Ladies when you are coming up with your hourly rate, u need to sit down and have a mental discussion with yourself first. What are your values, principles, and goals? Most importantly what do you have to offer to others? What makes you, YOU? What makes you unique and special?

Ask your close friends and family (of course not being flat out why you’re asking) what makes you special, what are some of your best qualities and what they appreciate most about who you are.

Your looks aren’t what’s most important here. As there are so many different women in the world, we are all unique in our own ways. From the very petite to the BBW, different ethnicity’s, cultures and backgrounds. You are your own brand! But always remember just be yourself, because everyone else is taken!

It’s not a shock that most people think expensive equals good. So, you’re fooling yourself if you think having low prices will have you beating out the competition. What clients would you rather have, the ones who come for a quick visit or the men who want to take you out and show you off?

If the quick visit guys aren’t what your trying to attract, then stop advertising to the “are you available right now” type of guy. The image you put out will reflect the type of clients you will attract.

The reason you get some of the men you get is because of your pricing. If you raised them, you would be killing 2 birds with one stone. Eliminating guys, you don’t want while gaining some you do want.

Always remember we are literally walking advertising, you must protect your brand at all cost. In a matter of minutes, you can make your business more successful or ruin your whole career. Always be mindful of this and how you conduct yourself.

I’ve had to remind myself multiple times, we are a 24-hour 7 day a week occupation. If you advertise as a “high end or elite companion” than you need to conduct yourself as such. Don’t contradict yourself!! Be prepared for this and always behave like a classy lady.

GFE….”The Girlfriend Experience”

This is a huge misconception in the industry!! There is not a concrete definition for GFE so everyone has their own opinion.

In my opinion the girlfriend experience is more about the mental and romantic side of things the seduction, sensual, caring, laughing, holding hands on the way to dinner or at the table gazing in each other’s eyes sharing a glass of champagne.