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Verification 101


When booking an escort, it is massively important to verify. She is not only doing this for her safety but for yours as well. Think about it, if she were law enforcement they would not want to scare you away and would probably just say some things to entice you. They don’t want to ask you for information, they want you to incriminate yourself. They will just give you an address and hope you show up. That’s when they will figure out who you are, once you’re in handcuffs.

You can use a few different terms such as verification, verify or screening. This is a process every provider goes about differently, as each individual has different questions and concerns. But the goal remains the same, TO STAY SAFE!

Ladies …. NOT ALL MONEY IS GOOD MONEY, WE NEED TO SCREEN! We never know who we are going to meet on the other side of the door! I would rather pay a bill late than to put myself in a dangerous situation… your life is worth more!

But always remember due-diligence goes both ways!!!

Gentlemen …. Do your research when deciding on a companion, you can find our information all over. Providers have worked hard for our reputations and have a heavy presence on social media and have spent lots of time creating content, building up our websites, and on advertising sites.

Gentlemen…. If the provider isn’t asking for ANY screening information, I would consider this as a big red flag.

Ladies…. if the gentleman isn’t willing to supply the screening information you are asking for and eager to make you comfortable booking personal time and sharing your personal space, consider this a red flag and beware as he could be dangerous.! Even after verification, always go with your gut and not just for the money or pleasure high you’re looking for!

Some of my questions are basic and some are a bit more personal. In this industry discretion is very important, however safety is just as important if not the MOST important part of booking an escort on both ends!

Some providers ask for reputable provider references which are; other escorts you’ve seen in the past who will vouch you’re a safe gentleman to spend time with. Ones that can be verified as such…. In which most cases she will contact your references to confirm. Name, number or email, and perhaps where she advertises usually is more than enough. I don’t mind being a reference for my clients up to about 6 months of a booking.

Ladies…. CHECK YOUR REFERENCES, fake references are out there.

Others could care less about references and prefer employment verification; which could be one or more of the following. A business card, work badge ID, website with perhaps a directory, LinkedIn account or maybe a work email. We are not looking to blackmail or take advantage of this information, but to simply confirm you are safe and the man you have proclaimed to be.

Some other forms of verification that could be useful or asked for could be; driver license, passport, flight ticket if traveling, social media and or pictures of yourself.

There also are great verification websites out there that some escorts are on as well. One of my favorites is Preferred411 aka P411

Don’t be a time waster… I love a man who does his research and sets himself apart ….

I hate when I get one word texts or emails. Or the world famous “Are you available now.” When contacting a provider do some basic research when you do reach out and in a timely matter. Don’t wait till last min. Emailing or texting me at 5pm for a 7pm appointment will not work for me I like to prepare for you and be as prime and as fresh as possible for our time together. Remember we do a lot to prep so your one-hour appointment is equivalent to 4 hours for me personally.

When you do decide to contact a provider give a short description of yourself your age and maybe a physical description. Full name, your email and cell then advise what’s better to contact you on cell or email. Desired date request info date, time and length of date. Don’t be a time waster this is a quick way to find yourself on a block-list or worse a Blacklist.

A blacklist is something as a client you want to stay far away from! There are multiple sites us providers have available to us to place you on a national blacklist. Clients can be placed on these lists due to multiple reasons. No call/No show, lying about who you really are, race is usually a big one; not because it a deal breaker but because you lied about who you actual are. Being repeatedly late or move around appointments on multiple occasions, rude, aggressive, not follow boundaries or trying to over stay your appointed time booked.


At the end of the day verification is about trying to be as safe as possible. Hopefully many of us were already doing some of the processes I’ve spoken about.

What's your thoughts on verification?

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Ashley Moss
Ashley Moss
Feb 28, 2019

Early 40s and you know I won’t bit ya in the butt unless you ask for it 😼LOL I always think about that when I see this picture ;)


Ashley Moss
Ashley Moss
Feb 28, 2019

Thanks Lukas I really appreciate your feedback. I know how genuine you really are, I will keep writing so stay posted!


Unknown member
Feb 25, 2019

good information again! Good point for potential clients, that going the easy way and picking a companion that doesn't verify can end up biting you in the butt! Not much else for me to say, as this blog is very informative and hits all the good points on the subject. But I DO have to say that the accompanying pic is my absolute favorite of you. I know I've told you this before. :)


Excellent post Ashley. It is always important to verify because many people including myself genuinely do care about you and never want your safety to be compromised. I have been reading your blog ever since you started and you do an excellent job at it, keep it up!

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