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Here you will find the important details to help us remain comfortable and mutually-informed. As we all know first impressions are most important. 

You get what you give. 


Screening is a must and is not something you can skip pass, NO if and or but’s about it!!!!


I prefer communication via email or text, I will not speak on the phone until we have spent one on one time together. 

Time with you is a gift in itself however if you desire, I gratefully accept additional gifts and tips. I have left some ideas of my favorite things and wishful thinking on my spoil page. I thank you in advance. 


I Am Available by Appointment Only! Monday - Sunday and

Prefer 8Am to 10Pm. I Request A Minimum Of A 6 Hour Notice  

I am a low-volume provider with many other responsibilities, the more notice you allow, the more likely I will be able to see you. Once screening has been established. 

Please be on time to your appointment. Things come up, I understand but please keep me updated if you’re going to be more than 15 minutes behind schedule. 

If you are a P411 member please send me a message directly on their site. 

If we have not met yet please complete my booking form on my website and allow for processing time 

Appointment requests will not be expected via Twitter or DM Etc. 


Please leave consideration out in plain sight in the kitchen or bathroom once you have arrived. Please do not make me ask for it, as this dampens the mood of our time together! 

Negotiating considerations is unacceptable! Please be considerate about the time we have scheduled, if you’d like to keep me to yourself a bit longer just kindly ask. I am known to offer special incentives to my clients in certain circumstances. 

Please do not ask for extra time “off the clock.” 


Please arrive freshly showered and freshened up for our date. If you are coming from another engagement I understand, you are able to shower once you arrive. I provide fresh towels and hygiene products for you as well. Please take advantage! I will be freshly showered and perfumed for you; please do the same for me!


I know life happens so if you need to reschedule or cancel, please let me know ASAP, NOT 10 minutes before our appointment. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to our appointment, 100% CANCELLATION FEE of your booking fee will apply. 


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