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4 Surprising Reasons Men See Escorts

With so much hate and apparent disgust from the law (FOSTA-SESTA), church, girlfriends, and wives you would think the world’s oldest profession would have died out by now right? WRONG!!

Below are the 4 main reasons I believe men see escorts and why it will be extremely tough to slow down this industry.

1. To Feel Wanted and Needed

Ultimately a man wants to feel appreciated for who he is. If he’s single or just not getting that at home, then he will go elsewhere to receive it.

With the daily stresses and chaos of home life the man of the house needs can seemingly be put on the backburner. Making him feel unimportant, Companions can help with that.

A good companion Is a good woman. A good woman knows how to give a man an ego boost when he needs it. She knows how to truly listen when he needs to talk, how to relive his stress and make him feel like the most important person in the world.

2.Less Risk Than A Traditional Affair

Let’s not kid ourselves, women are known to be more emotional than men. Doesn’t it make sense that those emotions will be multiplied when intimacy is involved?

If you’re having an affair with the average woman, how long is it before she askes you to leave your wife/gf?

What happens when you break it off and she still wants to be with you?

This one is simple. One of the biggest draws for companions is their discretion.

3. High Sexual Desire

I am not one that believes “intimacy” is the only thing that women in this industry provide, but I would be lying if I said that wasn’t a part of. Men with a high sex drive usually enjoy a little variety. Quick tip. Whatever becomes common isn’t appreciated. Try to become a little less predictable

The passion of those high school lovers who can’t keep their hands off each other. The exotic feeling of someone being next to you with the same urge, drive and fantasies. Being comfortable to explore those fantasies you can’t share with your partner and feeling no shame.

Getting intimate with someone who loves the same thing as you is the ultimate ecstasy. You can always be your true sexually self with a companion.

4. Drama Free with No Strings Attached

Companions are known for their free-spirit, seductiveness, keeping themselves looking their best, and being easy emotionally. That’s a recipe for a good time no matter what you’re doing. But when you add in no-commitment it seals the deal.

There’s nothing like being a man in control, losing control in the bedroom is like taking a dog’s favorite toys away. So, you end up getting bored rapidly, and find yourself getting into unnecessary trouble. By being able to contact your favorite companion you take your bedroom control back! You get to say Who, When, Where, How long and In what way it will take place! Gentleman…. its time to take your control back!


I gave you a few reasons I believe men see escorts. Like a therapist or a massage therapist a man should leave feeling better than he came in. Better equipped to handle the rest of the week.

People will sacrifice things they need for things they want if they feel it has value. The fact that this industry is still thriving should let you know its value to society.

Those are my thoughts and opinions. Agree or Disagree? Follow me on Twitter so we can discuss publicly there or Contact Me to discuss in private.

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Ashley Moss
Ashley Moss
Feb 17, 2019

Your an amazing man and I appreciate everything thing about you! I love to be able to treat a king who appreciates me! I’m glad we think the same way as the social stigmas put on us are a lot of Myths! ... Blog on myths about companions coming soon ;)


Unknown member
Feb 15, 2019

I agree with all of these! Particularly the bit about getting an ego boost. It feels great, to be treated like a king. To feel desired. Especially for a guy who historically isn't exactly a "hit" with the ladies, whether it be due to height, or weight, or what have you. Such as in my case. I'm a short guy who could stand to lose a few pounds, with the typical male-pattern baldness. As such, I have some self esteem issues. Spending time with a well matched companion does wonders for my ego and self esteem. In this case, that well matched companion is the very author of this blog! <3 And contrary to the societal stigma plac…


Ashley Moss
Ashley Moss
Feb 15, 2019

I love old sayings that stick around ;)


All facts. Scrutiny from girlfriends/wife comes from fear knowing that other woman is willing to please her man in ways that she won’t. Like the old saying goes “People fear what they cant understand and hate what they cant conquer”

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